AutoCAD Commands, Shortcut Keys, Control Keys & Functional Keys With Free PDF to Download

Below you can find the pdf file to download in which we have shared the most basic and useful AutoCAD commands/shortcut keys which will be helpful for you to remember and make the CAD work easy. And the control keys like ctrl C ctrl A etc.. Functional keys like F1 F2 etc.

If you don’t want to download pdf you can also read it from here

Line :- (L) enter

Erase :- (E) enter

Point :- (PO) enter

Properties :- (PR) enter

Polyline :- (PL) enter

Copy :- (CO) enter

Divide :- (DIVI) enter

Group :- (G) enter

Circle :- (C) enter

Mirror :- (MI) enter

Align :- (AL) enter

Ungroup :- (UNG) enter

Arc :- (A) enter

Fillet :- (F) enter

Break :- (BR) enter

Units :- (UN) enter

Rectangle :- (REC) enter

Chamfer :- (CHA) enter

Join :- (J) enter

Limmax :- (LIM) enter

Polygon :- (POL) enter

Explode :- (X) enter

Overkill :- (OV) enter

Dimstyle :- (D) enter

Ellipse :- (EL) enter

Stretch :- (S) enter

Dist :- (DI) enter

Linetype :- (LT) enter

Hatch :- (H) enter

Scale :- (SC) enter

Measuregeom :- (MEA) enter

Move :- (M) enter

Array :- (ARRA) enter

Mtext :- (T) enter

Rotate :- (RO) enter

Offset :- (O) enter

Layer :- (LA) enter

Trim :- (TR) enter

Xline :- (XL) enter

Block :- (B) enter

Extend :- (EX) enter

Ray :- (RAY) enter

Insert :- (I) enter

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