Getting Started With AutoCAD

Here we are going to share a few steps you should do when open AutoCAD

  1. Setting up UNITS

The shortcut command for setting units is UN, so you need to press UN and then press enter, And then you will see a new popup window with the title of Drawing Units, there you need to set Decimal if you are going to draw in Millimeters, Centimeters or Meter, And if you are going to draw in feet and inches you have to choose Engineering or Architectural in the TYPE Box. While coming to precision you can select 0.000 as a beginner then simply select ok and get started.

2. Setting Limmax

It is better to set the limits of you workspace in AutoCAD before starting any drawing, You just need to press limmax and the Enter where you need enter the dimensions or a value which should be a bit grater than your drawing size Ex: if your drawing size is 100mmx100mm you have to enter 110,110 in the limmax setting and just press enter

If you want video tutorial you can click below and watch complete video

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