Seed Cabin Design

Seed cabin is designed by veliz_arquitecto


“Seed Cabin” is based on the design of a set of modules that connect with nature in an organic way as if it were part of it, under the concept of nature tourism they are located in such a way that to have access to them You need to go through a large part of trails and hills that help to discover these residential areas and generate a different experience where we are the main protagonists of this adventure, which helps us to explore and interact directly with the context. ┬áMaterials such as concrete, wood, fabrics and glass are responsible for giving structure and finishes to the work, as a design premise it was important that there were no interior divisions so that the entire interior could be connected and thus in a continuous way. with open spaces and achieve that dimension that brings us closer to the horizon and brings us back to this core that invites us to meditate and reflect apart from everyday life, a seed that helps us grow as people and gives us a unique moment within this nature that embraces us and welcomes us.

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