Top 4 Software For Civil Engineers and Architects While 3D Modelling

Hey every one here we are going to share 4 software which are most commonly used by civil engineers/Architects for 3D Modelling and Drafting. These 4 software are used for the most basic & Advance technology. And they are also in the list of most demanding software.


AutoCAD software is an electronic tool which enables you to create quick and accurate designs

AutoCAD is the most basic software mostly used for drafting, AutoCAD improves the productivity of drafting with high accuracy and detailed documentation such as dimensions and materials. AutoCAD is the most popular software engineers use to attract their clients with the drawings which make clients understand easy.

AutoCAD was launched in a trade show in Las Vegas by John Walker and his co-founders. AutoCAD is also available in the form of mobile application.

Design Example: House Plans Designed in AutoCAD Click here


 Revit is a BIM based software used worldwide for 3D Modelling, This software makes 3d modelling easy to learn for beginners as it gives the result in just one click, when you draw any drawing, Revit coverts it into 3D in a single click. It is very easy to get the section view of your project with just one click. You can also render your projects. In this software you can import AutoCAD(dwg) file and convert into 3d with some basic work.

Revit is not only used for civil engineers, it includes Construction template, Architectural template, Structural and mechanical template. Where you can share your work, Revit is having a separate space for Families where you can create and design your desired components (sofa, Bed, Chairs etc.) if they are not available in Revit.

In this software you will be able to run projects more efficiently, you can unify teams and workflows, and also take command of your design Data, can connect seamlessly with project teams.  Revit is also being used in Modelling of most popular building Burj Khalifa (Dubai)

Design Example: 3D Floor Plan Designed in Revit Click here


SketchUp is the most often used software by architects for it’s easy modelling and good quality. This is the software which gives you really good results in rendering & creating realistic 3D Models in less time. Because this software is not too heavy, this is the smallest software with best 3D modelling features you can use. The best feature of this software is  3D Warehouse, from which you can download different components like Bed, Sofa, Door, Window etc. of Different types and you can scale them according to your 3D Model easily. You can render your 3D model with different rendering software like Vray and Lumion.

Design Example: Elevations designed in SketchUp Click here  

4. 3DS MAX

When we are talking about 3d modelling software, its impossible to not discuss about 3ds max, This Software was developed by Autodesk and released in the year 1996. 3Ds max is mostly used for 3D modelling, Animation, Rendering and  Materials, This is the software used for professional architectural work, where you can work on lighting, textures etc in depth, If you want to become a professional Interior/Exterior Designer you can go for this software. The best combination of 3Ds Max is Vray, which is used to render your 3D model.

In bonus we would like to let you know about another software which is mostly used for editing purpose after you done with your 3d model and rendering, & the software is Adobe Photoshop, You must learn this software to edit and enhance your 3D Model and to make it look realistic.

Design Example: Bedroom Interiors Designed in 3Ds Max Click here

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