Top 7 Kitchen Interior Design Ideas, Images Download Free.

The Top 7 Kitchen Interior Ideas by Angelica Metelska, Also the tips to keep your kitchen clean.

Here you can download the above images of amazing kitchen interior designs, You can inspire from these designs and you can setup your own kitchen. I think modern design is simply not possible without visualization where you will be almost 90% sure in the choice of furniture and materials.

In all of the above kitchen interior designs the idea was to get the maximum closer to natural colors, materials and textures.

Here are 5 tips that how you can quickly clean your kitchen, it’s very ┬ásimple, you need to design such a kitchen first to it easy and fast to clean.

  1. No speaking handles, in fact over time, dirt form between the handle and the surface in the handler, handles are also difficult shapes and in low accessible places of the handle, there is dust too.
  2. Special attention needs to be paid to the extractor, To keep to keep your cabinets from being too dirty, your extractor should exceed 10 times your kitchen volume to remove evaporation.
  3. The kitchen floor is the dirtiest place in your house, so a very successful decision will be arrange matte ceramic granite of mainly gray-brown colors, and no glossy tiles
  4. The oven is better arranged separately from the stove, at 850mm from the floor. And of course buy only induction stove
  5. Let’s say no to chrome faucets that are constantly stained. The alternative is matte black faucets that are perfect in everything.

I hope this information will be useful and interesting for you.

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