30×60 G+3 Apartment Plan With Lift and Parking

This house plan is divided into two equal portions, each portion has two bedrooms, Livingroom & Kitchen, the plan is designed for residential purpose, The complete area of this apartment is 1800 square feet i.e. 200 square yards.

Ground Floor: A Grand Entrance and More

Upon arrival, a spacious 12-foot wide gate welcomes vehicles, leading you to the ground floor, which is exclusively designed for parking convenience. Safety is paramount, which is why we’ve included a dedicated security room measuring 9’9″ x 12’0″. For easy accessibility, a well-placed staircase and lift connect you to the upper floors

First Floor: A Blend of Open Spaces and Privacy

The first floor embraces a perfect blend of open spaces and privacy. A generous 21’x10′ balcony offers a serene outdoor escape. To enhance accessibility, we’ve incorporated a 3’6″ wide setback on the West side, serving as entrances to the main doors of each portion. For ample ventilation, a 2′ wide setback on the North side has been added. In the middle of the two kitchens on the East side, a 2’x6’9″ duct, open to the sky, ensures a continuous flow of fresh air

Consistency Across Floors

This thoughtfully designed layout isn’t limited to just the first floor. The upper floors echo the same arrangement, ensuring a consistent experience of spacious living, adequate ventilation, and easy accessibility throughout the entire building.

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Sizes of Rooms

  1. Bedroom-1: 9’9″x12′-0″
  2. Bedroom-2: 10’0″x12’0″
  3. Livingroom: 14’4.5″x10”0″
  4. Kitchen room: 9’9″x10’0″
  5. Toilet: 4’0″x8’0″

The other portion also has the same sizes of rooms.

Thickness of walls

Walls in Red color are 6″ thick.

Walls in Orange color are 4.5″ thick.

Walls in Pink color are 9″ thick

Width of Doors and Windows

  1. D : 3’6″ Wide
  2. D1 : 3′ Wide
  3. D2 : 2’6″ Wide
  4. W : 4′ Wide
  5. W1 : 2′ Wide
  6. V : 2′ ¬†Wide

If you’re in the market for a well-structured house plan designed to accommodate two equally divided flats within an area of 1800 square feet, your search ends here. Our meticulously crafted house plan is tailor-made for individuals seeking a harmonious living space that offers both convenience and functionality.

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To easily understand the plan details download the Free pdf given below.

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